Kessler Optics & Photonics Solutions, Ltd.

David Kessler

KOPS was founded by David Kessler, Ph.D., in 2006 to provide solutions and consulting services for optical technologies and optical systems design and architecture. David holds over one hundred U.S. patents, has authored 25 publications and has given numerous presentations.

During his 24 years at Kodak Research Laboratories, David started and managed an optical systems design group, and had a major impact on the development of highly innovative and successful products. Since 2006 David has provided optical systems solutions and detailed designs, both sequential (imaging) and non-sequential (illumination) to a number of companies.

David has extensive experience in imaging systems, a variety of laser printers including graphic art proofers and CTPs, cameras, scanners, OLED and LCD display systems, display backlights and display films, head mounted displays, projection systems, 3-D immersion systems, ophthalmic and dental optical systems, laser guidance systems, photofinishing systems, ophthalmic and dental optical systems, laser guidance systems and more.

He has provided advanced optical systems design courses to corporate optical teams, and has recently provided expert witness testimony at court in a major IP litigation trial.