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Catoptric (All Reflective) Laser Scanning Microscope

A highly symmetrical laser scanning microscope is shown for use in Two Photon microscopy and 3D printing, using a toroidal reflective scan mirror and a free form reflective on-axis compensator. An optional collection system is highly efficient and is based on a modified Offner configuration. The scan optics provide for a high Strehl Ratio scanning spot along an arcuate line. The cross-scanning direction to the scan line is obtained by linearly translating the microscope with respect to the specimen.

System attributes:
  • Large fields 30 mm or more- and scalable to larger fields (the example shown is for 15mm).
  • High NA, the example is for 0.5 NA – higher NA is possible
  • High resolution, diffraction limited, with the same very high Strehl Ratio for any of the fields
  • The all reflective system provides for minimal pulse broadening
  • The Offner-like collection provides for low noise detection since the detector are narrow slits with small area which can be used with a small aperture low noise detector such as a PMT detector.
  • Multiple scan lines scanning, and collection is possible.
  • The scanning is image telecentric.
  • Large working distance
  • For in depth performance, the compensator can include a dynamic AO corrector.
  • Used with a flat cranial window
  • The optional glass Offner-like lens is a single element with no need of aligning the scan element with the collector elements.