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Foveated Laser Display

This high resolution Foveated laser display (FLD) covers 80 degrees horizontally by 50 degrees vertically.

The idea is to provide high resolution only in a small field, about 120, about the tracked gaze direction but this sub field is steerable within a much larger field of about 800 x 600 degrees per eye. It consists of 3 major subsystems:

  1. An input system, consisting of for red green and blue lasers combined with a iber combiner and collimated with a variable focus lens such as made by Varioptic.

  2. An (optically) on axis polarization based Fast Scan Mirror (FSM) Module, which has an FSM in its input pupil and which relays the beam its exit pupil, with the beam exiting the exit pupil being convergent and the scan line being centered on the exit pupil. The convergence is as required by the following relay system described later. The FSM module consisting of: A resonant fast FSM with , used to scan the beam in one direction, so as to scan the field of view preferably horizontally; 3 conic mirrors, to relay the FSM the Pupil tracking Mirror (PTM) and reduce the large scan angle of the FSM to smaller angle at PTM; 2 polarizing beam splitters (PBS) such as made by Moxtek, Utah; Curved thin quarter wave retarders (QWR) to control the beam polarization so as to efficiently direct the beam to its chosen path.

  3. The “COMBINER” sub system: this systems relays the PTM to the eye-ball center while at the same time provides the viewer a see-through view. Thus it combines the digitally projected image with the see-though view .The Combiner sub system consisting of: A conic semi transparent mirror; a PBS and a curved thin QWP.

Field-of-View of Laser Foveated NED
Head-mounted Foveated Laser Display
Optical Layout of Foveated Laser Display
Foveated laser display - combiner module

FSM Module

Foveated laser display - FSM module